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The Heart

The Heart pieces are the core DNA of the brand; it’s the key staples that make you feel instantly put-together, even if you just rolled out of bed wearing last night’s makeup as this morning’s smokey eye. It’s that cult-status, wear everyday stuff you simply can’t leave home without. We know that never-ending search for “the perfect everything” -- the perfect leather jacket, the perfect ankle boot, the perfect white T-shirt, etc. Consider The Heart Collection the end to that search for the perfect pinky ring, the perfect tennis bracelet, the perfect hoops, the perfect stud… you get the picture. We’ve taken it one step further to make those perfect pieces in almost every size possible and custom-tailored to fit for everyone.

The Soul

The Soul pieces are those jaw-dropping, eat-away-at-your-heartstrings eye candy; it’s the bougie sh*t you treat yourself to as an investment piece or leave on your iPad for your significant other to see. Inspired by Elizabeth Taylor-level Christie’s auctions and One Kings Lane flash sales, The Soul collection feels like one-of-a-kind treasures you could only acquire through an estate sale or your grandmother. Think of it as a modern-inspired heirloom with a cool sensibility and a price tag that leaves out the middleman’s cut.