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Meet Shelley

Shelley Gibbs Sanders is a jewelry designer based in Los Angeles, California and the founder of The Last Line.  Shelley’s career began in New York where we studied Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design before returning home to California to train with Master Jewelers in San Francisco.  After learning the tricks of the trade, Shelley returned to Los Angeles to begin her career as a jewelry designer.  Over time, Shelley’s roles evolved and she soon was the head designer and creative director for dozens of celebrity jewelry brands and high-end jewelry houses, working with everything from gold, diamonds, and precious stones over her tenure.  After being in the “biz” for almost two decades, it’s safe to say she’s an authority and until recently the secret diamond concierge for a select few.

Inspired by her years of design experience, countless conversations with girlfriends, and of course, her own never-ending search for that perfect ____ (earring! ring! you know the saga), The Last Line was born.  Working alongside her husband Teddy Sanders, the duo is applying the same pristine techniques to manufacturing fine jewelry with a refreshed mentality of putting the consumer first.  The mission?  To rewrite the rules of the jewelry world one direct- to-consumer diamond at a timewithout losing that special feeling you get when you’re sipping champagne and trying on diamonds in real life.  

Designed in Los Angeles, The Last Line was created with the mentality of giving consumers what they (actually!) wanted: The Last Perfect Pinkie Ring, The Last Perfect Tennis Bracelet, The Last Perfect Drop Earring.  With a vision of The Last Line woman in mind, Shelley created a collection that embodies her juxtaposed lifestyle: a mix of high and low, vintage and modern, done-up but dressed-down and one who plays by her own rules.  The collection is two-fold: The Heart and The Soul, because you know, we need both. #ThisIsTheLast Line